Happy National Pig Day!

March 1st is, I have discovered, National Pig Day.  Apparently, this came to pass (as did I) in 1972.  So, I have lived my entire life totally unaware of this holiday.  Does one celebrate with all things bacon??  Or, is this a day better spent pampering your favorite swine?  Who knows, but this does bring me to my point. Sometimes people get obsessed with a certain thing, and you just have to go with it.  What does that have to do with getting your child to read?  I’m so glad you asked!

img_0442  At some point, all of our children have become obsessed with something.  Whether it is an animal, superhero, stickers, coloring, etc., you can use this as a starter point for expanding their library.  Find books and activities that go hand in hand with their latest interest, and you have won half the battle.

img_0441What if you have a child that just isn’t into stories?  That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like books.  Try nonfiction.  Some children prefer books filled with facts as opposed to fiction.

So, there you have it!  National Pig Day, encouraging literacy across America.



How Do I Get My Child To Enjoy Books?

We all want our children to be strong readers, and to actually want to read.  Experts and teachers tell us that our children need to read at least 30 minutes every day.  The question I am most frequently asked is “how do I get my child to want to read?”  The following tips will help you not only get your child to read more, but will make if fun, as opposed to feeling like a chore.

img_0431Draw attention to your bookshelves by facing some titles outward.  This not only looks better, but will draw children’s attention to the books better than only showing the spines.

Choose books with bright colors and contrast.  Look for stories with rhyming/repetitive patterns.  Books with flaps to lift, stickers to position, or things to spot hold interest and engagement.

Finally, don’t restrict books to only one location in your home.  Try placing baskets of books around to encourage children to pick up a book.  Places to try include the breakfast table, bathroom, backseat, bedroom, and by the couch.  Remember to change out the books in the baskets to keep them interesting and up to date with your child’s interests!